The Ho Garden


Fallout 3

Part Of

Rivet City


Pimpin' Joe



In a world ruined by war, isn't a little love worth the caps?

— Pimpin' Joe



At around 2261 Joe and his "girls", a small group of young women who had been too timid for the raider way of life, found home in Rivet City after a short spell of living there decided to set up shop. He tried selling guns and ammo but was easily pushed aside by the already well established "Flak 'N' Shrapnel's". Instead he turned to selling a service, one that Rivet City was void of; prostitution. Although to start with he only had a couple of girls a few more arrived from Megaton, who had grown sick of Moriarty.


In the center of the store is a bonfire surrounded by 5 chairs with prostitutes sitting on them. Joe can be found at the back of the store sitting on a red high backed arm chair. The store is surrounded by upright wooden boards to block the questionable services it offers from the prying eyes of younger residents. The Ho Garden can be found at the far left side of Rivet City, behind Flak 'n' Shrapnel's below the upper walkway.


The Ho Garden doesn't appear anywhere