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Fallout: Apprentice - Qualification Round: Ho-Down

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Fallout 3



Given By

Pimpin' Joe


20% Discount from The Ho Garden (In favour of Joe)
20% discount on healing services at Rivet City clinic (in favour of Tiffany)

Ho-Down is an unmarked quest in Fallout 3.


Starting the questEdit

This quest can be started by speaking with either Pimpin' Joe or Tiffany. Joe will say that one of his girls is acting up and Tiffany will say she's sick of the whore life and wants to leave.


In favour of JoeEdit

  • Convince Tiffany to stay
  • Kill Tiffany

In favour of TiffanyEdit

  • Convince Joe to let Tiffany leave
  • Buy Tiffany from Joe
  • Kill Joe


  • If completed on favour of Tiffany she will become a doctor in Rivet City clinic.
  • If you kill Tiffany, Joe will be disappointed but will still give you the discount.

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